A brand new look for Fieracavalli.it

The new version of Fieracavalli.it was recently launched on-line. This landmark equestrian platform seeks to provide the best possible introduction to the coming edition of the show through up-to-date graphics and content.

Since its inception, the site has seen exponential growth – posting more than 2,000,000 page hits last year alone. And such success shows no sign of slowing down, thanks to the impressive variety of content that every year ensures that Fieracavalli is a not to be missed event for enthusiasts and professionals.

The Home Page offers eight main topics to choose from depending on personal preferences: sports and competitions, family and performances, Westernshow, Jumping Verona, evening equestrian events, equestrian tourism, breeder shows and business areas. All aggregators, through a mosaic interface, are designed to make navigation more intuitive and quicker.

There is also even more space for images and videos allowing visitors to relive at first hand all the tension of competitions, the adrenaline of speed events and the emotions of Fieracavalli Nights.

A section dedicated to in-depth profiles of key figures will reveal curiosities and anecdotes about charismatic and transversal personalities in the equestrian landscape.

The content offering is completed by regularly up-dated news providing information about innovations, appointments for your agenda and the latest business proposals in the sector.

Whether your visit to Fieracavalli is prompted by a desire to enjoy a family adventure or discover the best in equestrian sport, the new site will provide all information in a practical, streamlined manner to help visitors organize their days at the Show in the best possible way.

The new site is reachable by clicking here

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