The Goldsmith’s school for disables people, is an ambitious project called “The Jewellery’s values, promoted by Tonino Boccadamo through the Fondation in which he is the official mentor, had officially opened Friday 14 of July. A special day that involved friends, authority, and the 6 students from the beginning of July had officially started the free course. Partner of this commendable initiative was Etjca-agency for employment.

Tonino Boccadamo said “ As entrepreneur and president of the Boccadamo’s foundation, I’m aware of the valour of the entire project for all the community: an opportunity for  social, cultural and employment relaunch.  An input for a society’s  support, where everyone could feel enhanced. In July was opened the first goldsmith course, that for 1 month will involve young local people, waiting for the  launch of our project in a national and international environment. A goal that I’m sure we will achieve with the help of all our friends”.


Starting from today the Boccadamo’s foundation will work for the growth of “The Jewellery’s value”, expanding horizons and opportunities for an increasing student’s number.

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