Saturday 23th September EdithMarcel presented  Beauté Décadente S/S 18 that remembers, with admiration and nostalgia, the grandeur of ancient Greece, its sublime art and its majestic architectures. What interests the designers is, however, not only the timeless character of ancient art, but also the relationship it develops with time, and the inevitable decay of styles and attitudes the passing of time carries. The Greek statues, emblems of a civilization that no longer exists, are now canvases for the street writers, halfway between vandals and artists, who take the liberty of tackling history by altering its symbols, looking for a balance between antiquity and contemporaneity.

The constructive details of the garments are a tribute to classicism. In the research, it became clear how, in ancient Greece, genders were diversified perhaps only from materials and drapery patterns, and the dress was a shared garment, present both in the male and female wardrobe. By translating to the present this in-difference – for the designers, the true definition of freedom – Edithmarcel decided to propose, in addition to the classic pieces of a genderless wardrobe, even of the genderless tunic. The illustrations on t-shirts and other items also look directly at the contemporary graffiti, and move on the subtle border between vandalism and artistic expression.

Take a look of the complete gallery by clicking here.

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