In these difficult moments that the country is going through, Touring Club Italiano has decided to launch a campaign that promotes the Italian territory and its beauty. The aim of this initiative is to send a message that goes beyond time and contingent history.

Paraphrasing Dostoevsky’s phrase “Beauty will save the world”, the Italian Touring Club is the mouthpiece of the thought “Passione Italia”, because beauty will save us. They strongly suggest everyone to “travel from home”, to discover and rediscover what our country has to offer, simply from a computer or a smartphone.

“In a time when it is difficult to travel and cross borders, where we are witnessing episodes of geographical discrimination, it is vita, almost a moral duty for an institution like ours, to break down these barriers and bring people on the road, even virtually. ” this is how Franco Iseppi, President of the TCI, commented.

Instead of a ”Contagion Map”, Touring Club proposes the  “Map of beauty”. A sort of interactive map that you can connect to every day, a digital diary to get inspired, day by day, and to remember that in Italy there is a beauty that has stood for centuries and this is what we need to talk about.

The starting points are the Italian Touring Club website, where you can access at and the official Facebook and Instagram profiles of the Association. Here the readers will be accompanied to the virtual discovery of places, landscapes and itineraries, from cities of art to coasts, from mountains to villages or paths.

The aim of the initiative is to promote the country and start dreaming, once again, holidays in Italy.

The challenge that the Touring Club Italiano proposes to everyone is to contribute to the story, with personal anecdotes linked to specific places, with unpublished images and glimpses that each of us already holds and to which he is particularly attached, to be shared in social media platforms with the following hashtags: #passioneitalia #mappadellabellezza.

The campaign aims to restore the future of the country in merit of its citizens, confident that this task is now up to their community and to those who are concerned with “taking care of Italy as a common good” for over 125 years.

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