The research is one of the priorities of GILS, written clearly in its Constitution, and on it has focused over the years, from words to deeds: 1,444,285.00 invested from 2008 to 2016. Thanks to the notices of open competition, awarded year after year, the best young Italian researchers, there has been much progress for a better understanding of systemic sclerosis with an ambitious goal: to find cures for this disease, progressive chronic course.

Why “The search allows you to UNDERSTAND, research allows toCURE” was the title of the XXIII National Day to Combat Scleroderma, conference dedicated to Professor Raffaella Scorza. During the conference held at the Aula Magna della0Università of Milan there was discussed the research done and the results achieved in the last year: a unique opportunity to understand that the data funds have achieved their purpose and to put future bases .

The gut in scleroderma patients, the alterations of the immune system regulation, the new pathogenetic aspects: the role of nano and micro particles, the US signs in Morfea, have been the subject of a call and response with the audience, researchers and professors of GILS of the Scientific Committee.

Last theme “Pregnancy, research That Shakes” was also the project – wanted and supported by the GILS – spanning more systemic autoimmune diseases and associations, a project that speaks of life and that now has global resonance.

“The GILS along with doctors, nurses and institutions – yet again – to the side of the sick with an extensive information network across Italy, because the only way you can defeat disease and achieve more ambitious goals,” says Carla Garbagnati Crosti, President of GILS.

Learn more and donate your 5×1000 to the research www.sclerodermia.net

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