La collezione Donna Bogner: un viaggio attraverso i colori e i paesaggi dell’India.

Femminili silhouette e tagli sportivi si combinano con linee anni ’70. Frange e boho-style vengono mixati con stampe a righe, tigrate, paisley o jacquard e colori come bianco, crema, blu, lime, verde mela.

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L’uomo Bogner è pronto con il suo “CHIC ACTIVE WEAR” ispirato allo stile del Sud della Francia. Tessuti leggeri, colori brillanti, finiture invisibili racchiudono il concetto di “easy luxury.


La collezione Sonia Bogner si ispira ai colori dei paesaggi del Nord Africa. Seta, lino e cotone sono i materiali principati utilizzati per realizzare una collezzione arricchita con con stampe zebrate, righe e colori come bianco, cocoa, touareq blu che danno un appeal sofisticato ed elegante.


La linea SPORT prende ispirazione dal libro di Julia Chaplin “Gypset Travel”, creando una collezione casual con richiami bohemian, utilizzando colori brillanti, da sempre segno distintivo del brand.

20151022_10301220151022_103208_001The motto of this season is “Travel to India”, – and the new collection duly takes us on a journey through the landscapes of India with their rich colors and varied nature. Drawing on the authenticity of modern tradition – Bogner Woman’s heritage theme – a fascinating range of feminine yet sporty looks has been created that meets the most challenging requirements on quality and workmanship. New silhouettes combine with allusions to the 70s and fringe details to add a subtle Bohemian charm that, however, never fails to project an air of understated luxury, which is synonymous with the name of Bogner. The play with textures and new proportions takes pride of place this season. Casual shroud coats, kimono tops and new pant shapes make for moving silhouettes.

20151022_093835         20151022_093913 20151022_093901

“Chic active wear” is the message sent out by Bogner Man. Summer fabrics, bright colors and clothes with a soft finish – most often without lining – imbue the collection with an air of “the lightness of being”. The two words that best describe the Bogner Man collection are “easy luxury”


The Sônia Bogner collection travels to North Africa this season – with its colors and prints that reflect the shimmering light and the mysterious atmosphere of the desert it pays homage to the beauty and the natural wonders of Africa that have been translated by Sônia Bogner with the exacting requirements on premium fabrics, choice of colors and silhouettes that give the collection its typical, sophisticated air. Light fabrics dominate the line with its warm, subdued colors of black, white, cocoa and Touareq blue. The combination of subtle prints and new silhouettes creates a casual yet well-dressed appeal that makes every woman look great in an easy-going fashion.


season the Bogner Sport design team drew their inspiration from journalist Julia Chaplin’s book “Gypset Travel”. The result is a casual style with bohemian allusions that sports rich, bold colors. While thus remaining true to the colorful signature of its line, Bogner Sport at the same time surprises with new color combinations, as seen in both the “Après Sport” and “Golf” lines.
For the first time ever, Après Sport offers an active-wear range for women and men alike. Combined with leisure wear, it provides optimal layering options, whether on the way to the gym, in the gym itself or after the work-out – or this is the idea behind it. The range comprises tops, T-shirts, shorts and sport leggings crafted from performance fabrics, all available in a variety of colors. The Golf line focuses on the successful B-system layering principle, “Create your own climate”, which compensates fluctuations in temperature if and when required and thus is the perfect companion on the golf course. Golf fashion completes the Golf range of clothing


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